About Solaria Asset Management

✓ We are an open, flexible platform that develop, build and operate high quality rooftop and ground mounted solar systems. We We also purchase good quality operating solar systems from the market.

✓ We are active across Asia Pacific with a wide variety of on and off grid systems. Our Valued Partners include Investment Funds, Solar System Developers, Real Estate Owners and a wide variety of quality solar panel producers and associated system parts manufacturers.

A Co-Investment Opportunity

Our Team’s expertise in the Solar Industry is unrivalled. Our passion and DRIVE is complemented by our well rounded technical, financial, legal and intimate market knowledge.


Nascent industry with clear untapped potential and strong government commitment


Strong team with extensive experience, with a sound and wide network of partners active in the solar sector across Asia


Robust pipeline of investment-grade clients/off-takers. Projects with transparent and stable cash flows.


Compelling asset backed projects with transparent and stable cash flows.

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